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I can show you how to fully maximize your workouts and see results. Here's how:


Developed to improve your strength practicing sessions anytime, anywhere.


Developed to improve your foundation, so your body moves faster, healthier, and gets stronger.


The Barbell program was developed to improve your lift skills, practice safely and efficiently, in addition to improving your personal records. 


Developed to encourage maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion.

About Me

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Who am I

Hello! I am Daniel Mendes. I have been helping people enhance their fitness condition for more than a decade.

As a personal trainer and lecturer, my job relates to my two biggest passions: fitness and learning.

I was born in Brazil, have an amazing wife and a beautiful daughter who just arrived! 

My Certifications

Apply the most advanced knowledge in fitness to your personalized workout

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Complete Elite Certification:

  • Kettlebell Levels I & II
  • Body Weight
  • Barbell
The Only Elite Coach in CLE Area
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Certified Functional Strength Coach:

  • Level I
  • Level II
  • Mentorship
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And Many Others

BackFit Pro Dr McGuill (Back Pain Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention & Exercices)
Tactical Fitness (TacFit)
BPro Brazil
Ground Force Method GFM
Functional Movement Systems FMS
Functional Range Condition FRC
And Counting!

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Plans: Individual

Whatever your goal is, I will develop a personalized workout that will fit your needs.

Single Session

On-Demand Spot Lessons
  • 1h Online Session
  • Individual Sessions
  • Specific Topics
  • Price per Session

Weekly Sessions

Personalized Plans
  • 1h Online Sessions
  • Individual Sessions
  • Oriented & Personalized
  • Progression Analysis
  • 1x, 2x, 3x per week
  • Packs for 1, 2 & 3 months

Advanced Sessions + Mentorship

Get the Most from Your Workouts
  • 1h Weekly Online Sessions
  • Individual Sessions
  • Up to 5 Self-Guided Workouts
  • Oriented & Personalized for High Performance Skills
  • Online Chat Support On Demand
  • Packs for 1, 2 & 3 months

Plans: Group

Join other people that have goals similar to yours.


Single Sessions Announced Periodically
  • 1h Online Session
  • Variable Content
  • Always on Weekends
  • Partnered with Experts

Thematic Classes

Recurring Classes
  • 1h Online Sessions
  • Fixed Themes/Topics
  • Reccurent (Weekly)
  • Small Groups


See what people like you are saying about their experiences training with me:


These plans are for everyone. Whether you want to practice advanced workouts or just stay healthy, I can help you do it the best way.

Yes. I have specific certifications and experience with clients requiring modifications for various physical limitations. I can help you safely exercise your entire body while also easing pain.ease pain in specific parts of your body.

Yes. You must be very careful with body limitations in these cases, and that is why I recommend you to take one of my plans.

No. I will introduce you to the world of bodyweight and body control techniques. These movements don’t require any equipment and provide an amazing workout. Equipment is great if you have it, but not essential!

Yes, My clients are getting great results with the right orientations. With a computer, tablet or smartphone with average-speed internet connection, Zoom app installed and a space dedicated  to your movements, you can make it happen already.

Yes, as I’ve been doing it for a while already with high-performance male and female people.

Yes, it is totally possible, but due to this crazy situation we are currently living in, we must make sure we are following all the safety guidelines issued by the proper authorities.

Your Body

It's the only thing you will carry for your whole life. Take the best care of it now!


You are one step from boosting your fitness!

With a simple conversation I can understand your goals and recommend the best approach